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Welcome to Saiyan's Dark Moon!



This site is dedicated to all fan stuff... But mostly DBZ. If you have any sort of story or art work that you'd like me to post, please contact me.

Ewwww... Being with out internet access sucks. But while I was away, I finished THREE whole chapters. I also added two new stories. Eh, my editor is out of state, so excuse me for any errors there might be. Email me and tell me what you think!

Lots of thanks to Goth-kitty, my editor, for fitting my stories into her busy schedule. And for making the pic at the bottom of the page. She does art for hire, so if your intersted her site is on my links page. Go check it out. ^_^

I see that thanks to my friend Sasha there's all sorts of traffic going through here. Please sign my guest book! (But I thank those that have.) I hope you enjoy the story and have fun at my site. ^.^



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Disclaimer--- The characters of the DB serieses are not mine, but are copyrighted by Funimation Productions inc and are the creation of Akira Toriyama. Verasha is my character, if you want to use her in a story or what not then ask first, please.